S.A.G.E. Planetarium
Palmdale, California

The S.A.G.E. Planetarium building.

Views of the Spitz planetarium projector.


The Spitz projector and the control station in the left rear.

Mr. Jeremy Amarant, Planetarium Director, at the planetarium control station.

Mr. Jeremy Amarant, Planetarium Director, at one of the numerous public functions
held throughout the year in order to bring a better understanding of the universe to
the public.

Closed circuit tv set up for solar observing.

The robotic Celestron 14 inch telescope destined for Australia during its trial phase.  This instruments
will be used by school children in Palmdale, California, who will be taking real time images of the night
sky in Australia. The data gathered will be used in various projects, such as variable star observations and
super nova search among others.

The color filter wheel, OPTEC 2" Temperature Compensated Focuser, and the
APOGEE ccd camera attached to the Celestron 14 telescope.

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