Mt. Wilson Observatory

Dome of the 100-inch (254cm) Hooker Telescope. Photographed in 1984.

Two views of the 100-inch (254cm) Hooker reflecting telescope. Photographed in 1984.

The aluminazing chamber for the 100-inch (254cm) mirror. When the aluminum coating of the mirror becomes old, it is removed
and the mirror is placed in this chamber where a vacuum is drawn and a minute amount of aluminum is vaporized in order
to cover the surface of the mirror with a fresh coating of aluminum. Photographed in 1984.

The dome of the 60-inch (152.4cm) reflecting telescope.

The 60-inch reflector. Look carefully and you will notice a Telrad mounted on the side of the telescope.
It is just above and to the right of the two blue colored boxes. Image taken on June 28, 2003.

Above and below are various views of the 60-inch (152.4cm) reflecting telescope. Photographed in 1984.

The Right Ascension gear for the 60-inch (152.4cm) telescope.

From left to right is the 150-foot solar tower telescope, the 60-foot solar tower telescope, and the Snow horizontal solar
telescope. The Snow telescope was brought to California from Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin.

The Snow solar telescope cover for the heliostat.

The 60-foot tower solar telescope in the foreground and the 150-foot
tower solar telescope in the background. The structure in shadow, to
the left, is part of the Snow telescope.

The 150-foot solar tower telescope.

Inside the 150-foot solar tower telescope.

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